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B(V)logue de Alterne

Gosto de, sob o Facho, usar a Foice mas, tenho, no Martelo, o meu maior prazer.

B(V)logue de Alterne

Gosto de, sob o Facho, usar a Foice mas, tenho, no Martelo, o meu maior prazer.



Vorph "ги́ря" Valknut



A pior maldade é sempre cometida em nome de alguma bondade.


....and he's lost his brotherhood. that's the reason I think... He lost his..., he lost his brotherhood from lying ‘cause he thought it was a big joke to step somebody in the back who just took a live for him. If somebody is giving their lives for you and they’re going in the battlefield for you you can’t... laugh at them when they come back. If the men’re over in Vietnam and you saw them fighting and dying for you and you go over and spit in his face - what kind of f***ing country could that be?

My grandfather told me this – he didn’t exactly tell me that but he told my grandmother and I know she never lied. So he told my grandmother that he was standing ... in World War 1 he was standing on a dead body ... and he ... he ... he’s seen a bible in this guy’s pocket and he ... down and he got that bible out of this guy’s pocket. And he opened up the bible and there was the man’s picture with his wife and his two or three children.

And he had a chain with a cross on it and he looked at the man’s bible and he looked at the man’s children and he looked at the cross and he looked down to see himself. He said, ‘wow, man, what am I doing fighting my brother? I’m down here fighting my brother and I don’t even know why I’m fighting this guy!’ Why have we been fighting each other? Why are we divided? Why is our house all split up into little pieces? Why are we divided within ourselves?

We worship he same God, we have the same books, the same words – different translations but the same principles! We live by the same codes of honour! Why in hell are we fighting each other? Why did my grandfather kill himself? He comes back and tells my grandmother; ‘I was fighting my brothers and I don’t even know why! ... And they didn’t know why!’ Do you want me to tell you why? They ride on you. They ride on you till there’s nothing left of you. ...and so your blood all the way...


Charles Manson